Pétition pour une protection de l’apiculture et des consommateurs face au lobby des OGM

Petition to save the beekeeping and the consumers safety against the GMO’s lobby

mercredi 8 février 2012, par Les organisations apicoles et environnementales

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The inapplicable coexistence of GMO’s and beekeeping is now confirmed by justice

From the arrival of the first GMO crops in Europe few years ago, beekeepers never stopped warning the public decision-makers it is absurd to pretend those crops could coexist with beekeeping. Under the influence of the GMO and seeds lobby, the European Commission as well as the national authorities remained death about this this claim and evidence.

A German beekeeper demonstrated his honey was contaminated by some MON810 GMO corn pollen and lead his case to court. September 6, 2011, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared such honey could not go on the market.

Our decision-makers cannot pretend anymore ignoring this evidence : the GMO crops authorization in field would be devastating for beekeeping products (honey, pollen, propolis) and the honeybees as a whole.

Little schemes…

European consumers do not want GMOs in honey. The environmental awareness reached such a level that the European Commission cannot risk to knowingly sacrify the bee in exchange of some multinational companies interests. Already opaque negociations are starting since the ECJ statement.

The ECJ decision is based on the fact that the pollen from MON810 corn is not authorized for the human consumption. Juridic manipulations that would allow some get round from this ban for honey are currently being studied, regardless the transparency required by the consumers.

Only one solution : the moratorium

The coexistence between GMO crops in fields and beekeeping is unworkable. Nobody can ignore this reality today. The bee is a key element for the environment and the biodiversity, yet an important asset to pollination of numerous crops. The bee is already threatened due to pesticides, and it could simply disappear from our landscapes due to a hazardous political decision. Even, beekeeping could be accused of dispersing GMOs pollens !

In front of such an unbearable risk, we implore with insistence John Dalli, European commissioner for health and consumer policy, and our European and national decision-makers to protect bees, beekeeping and professional beekeepers to :
- Immediately suspend and not renew the MON810 corn field growth authorization ;
- Stop proceeding any application which would concern nectariferous or polliniferous genetically modified plants ;
- Completely assess the genetically modified plants impact on hives, notably on brood and winter bees, and publish all protocols and results,
- Respect the right for transparency towards the consumers.

Honey and hive products must remain a healthy and natural food resource.

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